Suite Hawk AML


The first workflow system for the management of anti-money laundering protection
A whole of easily integrated modules that adapts to every need.

 Suite Hawk AUI

The solution that meets the obligations of foundation, management and maintenance of the
Single Computer Archive and the controls required day by day.

 Suite Hawk Fatca

How to simplify the identification, reporting and calculation of the Fatca deduction.

  Suite Hawk Ade

The simplification and guarantee of data to reveal.
The innovative system for the unified management of the report to the Italian Revenue Agency
based on the system of anti-money laundering.


The tailor-made


Your safety,
our priority.


An added value
for your investments.


The Hawk Suites are designed to adapt to the peculiarities of each client.

Our modules, highly modular and customisable, can be also activated gradually over time to simplify your activities.

They will allow you building up a tailor-made product that will perfectly meets your needs.



The Hawk Suites are developed in the full respect of the context of reference and in compliance with the regulations in force.

Their proven reliability derives from the experience of decades of our experts in the anti-money laundering and from the respect of the highest standards of quality and safety of the software.

Our solutions will allow you obtaining a considerable reduction of financial, legal and reputational risks, guaranteeing safety and reliability by virtue of continuous update, carried out by our technical/functional team, which is ready to recognise every variation of regulations.



The Hawk Suites address every typology of financial intermediary pursuant to the Italian Legislative Decree 21 November 2007 n.231.
As they are developed by taking into account the operational peculiarities of every market, they represent the right solution for large and small organizations.
Thanks to their high flexibility, our Suites will allow you operating autonomously or in addition to software solutions of third parties, enriching them with innovative functions, so as to protecting the existing organizational levels and the investments made over time.