About us

An innovative idea, the experience, the habit of hard work and the will to face new challenges in a new adventure.

On these bases, in 2012, the Hawk Aml srl was set up; it is a private company, managed by a group of partners who cooperate for the company management and activities of business development. The result of the union of different experiences, gained by important IT companies, together with the commitment, self-denial and determination, have allowed transforming it from start up into an established reality.

The Hawk project was born to meet the needs of a wide market and to offer innovative solutions in the compliance of the reference regulation.

The experience gained in the development of tailor-made solution to meet every need allowed us expanding the range of action of our market, which goes from small to large financial intermediaries.

During these years, we have been able to establish important cooperation and we have seen the increase of the number of Our Clients that have decided to entrust us making us proud of our work.

This the reason why we commit every day to meet their expectations with the quality of our products and services.