Suite Hawk ADE


The simplification and guarantee of data.

The Suite Hawk AdE is the modular solution created to release from the obligations of communications of data of the Italian Revenue Agency, related to the register of reports, balances and movements and financial surveys.

This component is responsible for the reception of data that the intermediary takes from his/her own company informative system for the supply of the different signal modules.

The module generates a flow of signal to the Reports Register each month, both for the opening/closing of continuative reports, and for extra-account operations. The flow is accompanied by the related preventive diagnostic file, in compliance with the specifics of the completed environment.

The module is completed by the part concerning the correction of potential negative outcomes and the generation of the flow for the Italian Revenue Agency.

The application component responsible for the sending of balances and movements requires the flow of monetary movements (Balances and Movements) referred to the reports and operations extra-account, for which a specific flow is generated.

The module, in compliance with the regulation in force, allows the management of the answer to the requests of the competent authority about the current financial survey.

Our Support service will deal with the uploading of data of the request on the application, which will arrange for tracking down in real time the data of the subject investigated on the AUI.

The Responsible for the management of the request must implement some verification about the completeness of data and supply any annotation. Once the verifications are finished, the application allows the generation of the flow of the answer to the requesting authority.

Furthermore, the model foresees the possibility to have the list of all requests, the related status and the supply of different historic and statistical reports about the requests.

The module is intended to produce, at the expected expiry dates, the mandatory advisories for Insurance companies, including also the annual one related to Contracts and Awards. For this last report also reports of accounting and confirmation of the indicated values, besides the normal SID diagnostics.

The module aims for the support to financial intermediaries in the assessments and congruencies of the advisories generated by the Italian Revenue Agency. Through the verification of the on going flows of the advisories allows ascertaining the congruency of the advised subjects with a punctual confirmation of the same with the related AUI recordings.

The module allows to verify the gap between the advisories communicated in the past to SOGEI and what is effectively operating at the financial intermediary. The accounting of previous advisories will occur with the return flow of advisories generated that will be sent by the Italian Revenue Agency to Financial Intermediaries.