Suite Hawk AUI


The solution that meets the obligations of foundation, management and maintenance of the AUI.

It has been developed by taking into account the specifications indicated in the attachment ‘Technical Standards of the Au’, issued by the Bank of Italy as attachment of the Italian Legislative Decree 231/2007 for the property and management of the AUI, allows:


  • the controls of the recordings consolidated in AUI;
  • the preventive control for the recordings subject to consolidation;
  • the accounting of the AUI recordings (reports, powers of attorney, and operations) with the handling registered on sectionals of the management systems used by the intermediary.

The modalities of control provide for:


  • the check of the correct composition of the recordings, according to the structures of the various types of records provided, highlighting those incomplete or partially incorrect recordings for partial valuations of the characteristics;
  • the compliance of the compulsoriness of the valuation of the AUI scopes and the rules provided for each field.

Furthermore, there are the controls pursuant to S.A.R.A purposes included, among which the check of the segmentation of clients and data related to the counterparties of the wire transfer (subject and counterpart intermediary).

It allows inserting in the Suite the recordings to load in AUI according to standard data. By means of a function, called Evidence list uploaded recording, it can be implemented a first congruency control of the data to be uploaded in AUI and obtain a control report.

Its aim is to collect, inside the temporary Archive, all the operations that, once the eligibility controls (formal and substantial) are passed, will be consolidated in the definitive AUI.

According to the frequency established by the intermediary (daily/weekly/every two weeks/monthly), it provides for the calculation and definition of separate transactions with the aim of the recording on the AUI.

The consolidated recordings will be searchable, thanks to pre-established functions, according to the standard as set out by the dispositions of the Bank of Italy.

The module provides for the aggregation, for concise motives, of the accounting recordings in AUI and for the creation of the flow that must be sent, monthly and by telematics means, to the Italian Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF).

It outlines the preparation process of the AUI standard flow format 380 for the dispatch of recordings to the UIF and allows the extraction in xls format.

It allows the diagnostic, formal and substantial control of the AUI recordings through a grid of controls, both vertical for the check of the structure of the AUI, and horizontal, for the check of the compliance of congruency of the registered data. Moreover, it produces a number of reports that allow carrying out the due checks on the results obtained.

The module can be used as additional component integrated to the Hawk suite or it can operate autonomously through a standardised interface, capable of receiving the file from the AUI advisories in txt format. The module is a valid support for the necessary activities in the Remediation plans.

It allows the check of the handling of sectionals with the related recordings on the AUI and their accounting compared to the corresponding typologies of AUI recordings generated by the anti-money laundering procedures of the intermediary.

The logic of the accounting model is to check the effective recordings in terms of quantity and quality of data inside the Hawk AUI Suite or to operate autonomously through a standardised interface. This module is also a valid support for the necessary activities in the Remediation plans and aims for the collection of data of the omitted recordings.

It aims for the anticipation of the controls provided by the diagnostic Infostat Bank of Italy through the implementation of preventive controls of the advisories that must be recorded in AUI.

It has been developed following the indications supplied in the attachment “Technical standards of the AUI” by Bank of Italy.

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