Suite Hawk B2B


The solution that allows the definition of the company and counterpart rating.

With the aim of ensuring a more extended due diligence to the companies, the new Suite Hawk B2B allows the implementation of new methods of collection of information concerning subjects that operate inside the Company or who want to establish a relationship with it.

The solution allows the management of the collection of information in a structured way and depending on the typology of the subject:

  • natural person (employee, manager, consultant, member of the supervisory body);
  • legal person (supplier), expanding the analysis, besides the effective company owner, also to all subjects of the company and significant company roles.

By using reputational criteria for the qualification/selection of the counterparts guarantee the reliability of the economic operator and the quality of the final performance.

The renewed need to tackle corruption that contaminates the sector of public facilities contracts and adopt suitable mechanisms of prevention, defines the Suite as the solution also for public administrations.