Suite Hawk FATCA-CRS


How to ease the identification, reporting and calculation of the Fatca deduction.

The Suite Hawk Fatca is the modular solution that fully meets the obligations set down by the Foreign Account Tax Compliance (FATCA), the intergovernmental agreement between Italy and USA, whose main goal is the fight against international tax evasion through the automatic interchange of information.

It offers a complete solution for the data collection, transmission and communication to the Italian Tax Revenue Agency of all information concerning the property reports of American citizens and residents established in Italian financial institutions and those established in American financial institutions by Italian residents.

It is a component that provides for the uploading of data extracted by the intermediary by the management software used and for their preventive control before the entrance in the Suite.

It allows the classification of clients, natural or legal persons, on the basis of a score given by the assessment system parameterizable depending on the needs of the intermediary. The evidences obtained will be registered in the risk profile of the client.

It allows the identification of the Fatca clients through the information obtained by the AUI archives and by the management software used, activating precise alerts shared together with the intermediary.

It allows the calculation of the overall balance of each client, keeping the evidences of the details that have contributed to the calculation of the same, operating at the level of periodic assets. After the process of aggregations of the final payments, the process of reporting towards the Italian Revenue Agency activates.

It provides for the calculation of the deduction that the intermediaries must impose on revenues of financial nature coming from the US.

It allows the transmission to the Italian Revenue Agency of the data of identified clients, also in terms of fiscal balances and related movements that will be then transmitted to the IRS.