Data Quality AML

The service has been arranged to support the Anti-laundering Functions in the recovery of the data of Due Diligence.

It is thought as a set of processes, adaptable to the specific needs of the intermediary, according to its operational complexity and the policy set out by the Anti-laundering Function.

The system of survey and the decisional processes are adapted to the policies set down by the financial intermediary carrying out actions in his name and on his behalf. The traceability of the implemented verifications is guaranteed, with the aim to demonstrate to the competent authorities that the specific measures implemented are suitable in comparison with the concrete risks.

Also the communication processes towards the client are handled. The documents to send and/or receive are personalized and shared with the financial intermediary and managed in the scope of workflow, which foresees operational and organizational process that can be adapted according to the requirements of proportionality set out in the regulation in force.