Outsourcing AML

The outsourcing services have the aim to manage the operational control and monitoring activities to support the different Functions of the company. The service is specific depending on the rented suite/s and the related modules activated and foresees the service delivery of the business processes concerning the:

  • collection of data of suitable verification, risk profile, continuous monitoring of the indicators of anomaly and generation of the SOS;
  • management of recordings and maintenance of the AUI and advisories S.A.R.A (Bank of Italy div. UIF – Infostat platform);
  • management of advisories flows and the sending of the same to the Italian Revenue Agency.

The primary objective of the service is to simplify the activities of our clients transferring the commitment of all the business and report process to our Suites and facilities.

The service includes:

  • availability of proficiency, both technical and functional;
  • standard of defined services;
  • proactive approach of the update of the applications after regulatory modifications.

The activities included in the Application Outsourcing Service concern:

  • management and collection of the data of suitable verification for the risk profile, according to the modalities arranged from time to time with the financial intermediary, the anti-money laundering risk profile and the continuous monitoring for the survey of indicators of anomaly for the potential suspicious transactions reports(SOS);
  • the management and processing of flows, agreed upon with the financial intermediary, for the supply of the AUI archive and the generation of S.A.R.A flows; all of this is checked and controlled by means of specific control tools;
  • the management and processing of extra-account operations and/or continuative relations registered in AUI for the supply of flows towards the Italian Revenue Agency, department of Biography of Reports.